Last updated 10/02/02 - jsdl4scott

Full Installs

Quick Start

Step-1. Install  Dependencies . (java,libSDL,etc)

Step-2a. End Users: Download the latest binary distribution. (updated 9/22/02).
  1. Unzip the distribution and 
  2. run ./ to verify the environment is set up correctly.
Step-2b. Developers:  Download the latest source.
NOTE: The latest version of JSDL only builds with ANT.  
To install,
  1. configure java and related environment variables
  2. configure ant
  3. bring over the CVS tree
  4. navigate to the SDL CVS root, where "build.xml" is located and 
  5. type "ant".

Full Installs

JSDL has recently undergone a revamp of its install process and is now built using "ant".   Makefile is no longer supported.  

 However, the prior install docs are still very helpful in installing all the depenencies and configuring you development environment.

Makefile Based Install - Doc 1. . For the prior releases of JSDL on Linux, read an excellent document in plain english here. (Thanks to Michael Haller)

Makefile based Install - Doc 2   ,  or this other "howto" document to install jsdl
Ant Based - Steps to build the latest version of JSDL.