Install JSDL

Last Updated : January 11th 2002.

Here you will find my last advices for installing JSDL.
All these advices applied only to the linux platform.
As i said before JSDL is working on Windows, but i don't support it.
Others members of the JSDL project may help you about the windows platform or any other platform.

For help or any questions feel free to send me an email at, i appreciate help, feedback and support.


Requirements  :

Fast installation  :

Compilation :

For the last release i used:

For all these packages you need to do something like ./configure ; make ; make install (Be careful for the last one you need to be root.) There is an order in the packages installation. (SDL, JPEG, IMAGE, SMPEG, GFX)

I put the binaries of those libs under the lib directory. I'm not sure it's gonna work to compile the project, but it won't work during runtime. You will need to change your /etc/ to add the directory and run ldconfig (as root), or copy those libs in a very known directory for libs... aka /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib.

Hope it will help someone.